Thursday, October 11, 2007

That Darn Old Fence

Environmental causes or high tech security sales?

Give me land, lots of land
under starry skys above.
Don't fence me in.

You know I have a lot of empathy for our Mexican neighbors even if I'm not directly effected by stealth border crossings. Being stuck in the middle of land-locked PA and all.

But dearie me, why does the old cowboy song, "Don't Fence Me In" come to mind whenever this debate surfaces?

Now a federal judge in Arizona is challenging the HSD for rushing past environment studies, indeed unprecedented...

U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle said she granted the delay in part because the federal government did not explain why it hurried through an environmental assessment and began building the fence in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.

Huvelle repeatedly asked the government's attorney, Gregory Page, to explain why the agencies took only three weeks to do the environmental assessment. She said that amount of time was unprecedented and that the government was trying to "ram" the environmental study through and start construction "before anyone would wake up."

Huvelle also questioned why equal urgency was not applied to building border fences in Texas and California.

Source: AP News

True, it's a federal reserve. Is that what makes it 'special'?

And wake up to what? That certain businesses are making a killing with the HSD budget for contract fencing?

WaPo article
[GSA Chief]Doan's husband and her chief of staff both have a military-intelligence background, and she has sold surveillance equipment to the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies -- so she knows how these things work.

She knows how these things work alright. The kind of surveillance/security they mean when they say 'fence' ain't exactly chicken scratch. And if they'd stop all the damn outsourcing from this country, there would probably be plenty of jobs for us all.

What fools Funnel, Inc. takes us for.

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