Monday, October 8, 2007

If Cesar Can't Do It, No One Can...

Remember that old cheer? "Cesar, Cesar... He's our man!"

Runing down yesterdays' blogs, I found this suggestion to the Vick question from a football fan :

Michael Vick comes clean

"Here's an idea for redemption. Michael Vick pledges to pay for the care of the Bad Newz dogs for the rest of their natural lives. As fighting dogs, many of them will be unfit as pets. Their life expectancy will be short through no fault of their own. Vick's plea agreement already requires him to pay for their care while they are in government custody. Vick asks the court to let the dogs be kenneled and cared for on him. That's restitution for the dogs. That wins him some points.

"Vick can set up a foundation to fund their care and call it Good Newz Kennels Foundation."

I like that.

His post from yesterday is most interesting...
Michael Vick Talking? 12 hours ago by Master4Caster

Yes M4C, it's still about a display of dominance?

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