Wednesday, October 10, 2007

O'Reallly vs The Boss

Olbermann will probably be piping in on this one. You know how much he loves Bil0 (and rocking, and NJ). Remind me to tune in.

Ed Kociela | O'Reilly challenges The Boss
Bruce Springsteen is a big boy. He doesn't need me to cover his back. Except, this time it feels so good because the guy trying to knife him is Bill O'Reilly.


Not if any cops have anything to do with it. They be rocking...

Cops never give the star treatment. Unless you are Bruce Springsteen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Be sure to read all about it, it's a good one:
What O'Reilly was trying to do was bait Springsteen into coming onto his show. Maybe to resuscitate his rating numbers? Maybe to fawn all over him like the has-beens he airs every Friday night on his icon of the week or whatever that segment he fills with gas is called? Maybe because he's a closeted celeb groupie who just likes to have stars on his show?
Whatever, he's another bloviating jerk...
Be keeping track of this one. ~k

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