Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Happy Day

Let me tell you now how to deal with cable companies. It's simple. Keep calling until you get the deal that you want.

The first time I called, I got a ditz who was quoting me prices WAY out of my budget. So I cut it all back to basic, basic cable, 13 whole channels for $13/mo. Not a good deal, but less than what I'm paying now. Then I started looking on their website to see what these price ranges are and found a Family Tier that came with National Geographic for a lot less than she had quoted. So a while later I called again and Ace offered me an even better deal at less money, so that's the one I signed up for. I'll still have Nat Geo and C-Span3, which is all I really wanted when I called six months ago to upgrade then and they offered me the free for $2/mo.

Ok, for a mere $10/mo. more now--I know, I know, MORE! you say? Well, I've had it FREE for six months and it will be an upgrade. So I'm fine with that, I'll still have On Demand too. But aside from getting rooked into a higher bill, I won't have TCM anymore. Oh boo hoo. (where's my poodle pup, I need a cuddle) Oh well, I think I've seen them all already anyhow, but I am going to miss Ben Mancawitz on the weekend. My favorite Young Turk.

So, it's not such a sad ending to a sad day after all.


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