Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AZRainman : Photoshop Satire: Puppet Fred Thompson: Dumb as Hell

After the GOP debate, my friends are saying Fred's real studly. But still a dud. We've known this for a while now. eh :p

AZRainman : Photoshop Satire: Puppet Fred Thompson: Dumb as Hell

(And there's not a lot of good to say about the rest of them either.)


AZRainman said...

Studly?!! LOL, Studly, like a mangy pitbull is to a junkyard dog?

If they are going to vote on a face (rolls eyes and mutters sheople are vain), then Romney is more like the proverbial Ken doll.

Rain does his MLK voice and says, "I have a dream! One day humanity will vote for someone who coincides with their principles, will not barter their morals away for the sake of group think, sees that raising the baseline of humanity starts at the bottom, and elects someone who actually wears the shoes they proclaim to have on."

For now hypocrisy and crooks are in charge, and vanity is for fools and glibs.

Kiko said...

Good MLK voice.

"vote on a face"

Seems they tend to do that in MA, remember JFK--the ORIGINAL? But he had the passion and sincerity to go with a charisma that just didn't stop. And then too, he had Bobby.

p.s. The stud snark was more about your pics than anything anyone really said. I made that up.

hmm... could have sworn I saw a hairy chest there.