Monday, October 15, 2007

Sad, Sad Day in Kikoland Today

Well, it's a sad, sad day in Kikoland today. My six-month free trial period for Comcast's On Demand expires tomorrow and I have to call and cancel it. I'm just hoping they'll let me go back to the rates I had previously. If I keep what they've been giving me (free?) for about an extra $2/month (that, I could afford), it will more than double my bill for cable tv and high-speed internet.

In August they were offering a sweet deal I called about, but it was only for NEW subscribers. Naturally their ad on tv didn't say that, although it may have been 'spelled' out on the bottom of the screen for about a nanosecond? If only they had a sweet deal where I could at least just get C-Span3 and National Geo. Really, that's all I want.

In the end, I may have to cancel the internet services and switch to Verizon for DSL. We shall see, I'm not calling until after 3pm so I can at least see one more rerun of The Dog Whisperer.

Fingers crossed. [/end my own private pity party]

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