Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roadmap to Korean

Roadmap to Korean by Richard Harris takes a look at learning Korean from a historical, cultural, and pop linguistic point of view

Roadmap to Korean
is the most complete and thorough introduction to the Korean language of its kind.

Roadmap to Korean is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the country and its people on a more intimate level.

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Jeonju Sori Festival

Jeonju Sori Festival
The Jeonju Sori Festival, to be held Sept 26---Oct 4, is Korea's greatest celebration of Korean traditional music. Held in the lovely city of Jeonju, renowned as the heartland of Korean traditional arts, the festival pays tribute to the region's illustrious tradition of pansori, a unique form of lyrical storytelling. If you have any interest at all in Korean traditional music... more »

For more information about the festival, call (063) 232-8398 or visit the event's homepage (


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Light in the Piazza

1962: Light in the Piazza
Olivia de Haviland, Yvette Mimieux, George Hamilton, Rossano Brazzi

What a refreshingly wonderful film full of drama, romance, and comic relief... with a message for any day and age.

Yes, it's a travelogue. But that's just one good thing. The scenery (inside and out) is shot beautifully--filmed on location in Florence. The stars intrigued me right off. Yvette Mimieux is such a perfect ingenue. And the first set of dialogue for Hamilton has him complimenting the American mom on her tan. I thought that was funny considering he became famous for his tan and was rather pale Italian in this movie. Still tall, dark, and handsome though.

Anyhow, see this movie if you get a chance and see how one parent handles a handicapped child--all grown up. Fairy tale or not, it's very thought provoking, and one gorgeous way to tell the story.