Thursday, January 25, 2007

WooHoo Winter's Here

Wow, 5th snowy day in a row! Winter's really here and Garrison Kellor can stop bitching on the radio that the poor peeps in MN aren't having a winter. Have the Lakes frozen over yet? These lake effects into January are a strange brew of Mother Nature, that's for sure. GW in action. Gaian too.

Heard on tv last night that the snow will continue thru Friday. My road's just wet so the crews must be doing a good job keeping them clear.

On another note, I have my Guadalupe medal from Mexico. Everyone got home safe. I'm wearing it as a show of solidarity for the immigrants who wish to do no one harm. My sympathies are with you and I think I can recognize the value you bring to the US. Values that should be indigenous to us all. So pray for us Maria.


Today Mexican American women in Mexico and the United states are seeing Our Lady of Guadalupe in a new light, using her to demand and expect more from themselves, their jobs, their homes and their communities. Guadalupe is certainly up for this new role, as one woman said, "The virgin transcends all things. She is strength, and she is beauty, and she is wisdom and compassion."

She is the symbol of ethnic identity, uniting people of different races, religions and languages. She manifests, symbolizes and activates the power of the people. She is a cultural symbol of justice, unconditional love, union, belonging, family, home.

"Si se Puede" (Yes it can be done)"

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