Monday, January 8, 2007

So, what DO we have here?

First of all, a fulfillment of a New Year's resolution from 2-3 years ago(?). Who knows, (I never took them seriously). But now may be the time to start this new project, the purpose-driven people say you should always have 5-8 irons in the fire, and I'm a tad short these days. So here I go a-bloggin'. (call that a purpose? ha, sure, why not?)

Secondly, I have these pets, you see. And the more pictures of them I make, the more I have this urge to share them with you, dear reader. And it's a good way to practice my new found skills because writing sure isn't one of them. But rambling is? A good healthy rant every now and then comes in handy too.

I also have oodles of graphics I've collected over the years (thanks to Rainmaker) and really like to use them too before this ole hard drive bites the dust.. Then they all disappear into the ether and I have to start all over again. Most can be found online on the 100 or so webpages i made a few years ago, so all is not lost. Many element there have been borrowed from others online from google images, just stuff I've run across and admired, searched from talented computerists (I made that up, it's my new advocation)

Mainly, it's a way to join in the hoopla of entering this other dimension in cyberspace. And if I'm gonna talk the talk... here's a good place to do it as any to put some creative skills to use and pass on some former works that I enjoyed making (((tickling me pink))).

So what DO we have here? From the 'terms and agreements' I found this little nugget that got me to thinking:

Upon the termination of your use of Picasa Web Albums, including upon receipt of a certificate or other legal document confirming your death, Google will close your account and you will no longer be able to retrieve content contained in that account.

Hmm... so when we die, we can no longer use our accounts? huh??? Kinda makes you think about your 'after death' activities, eh? Channeling thru the blogosphere? That would be a strange phenom indeed, and maybe even something we'll be seeing more of with the inevitable demise of some stronger web-based personalities? haha, can't wait--KIDDING!

Just hopefully not at My Place! Just remember, you heard it here first.

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