Monday, January 29, 2007

Two can play that game

Cat and dog games, that is.

Or does BooBoo think he's a cat?
A Kiko's Cats story:

Amazing how their little minds work. Baggins and BooBoo are best friends but that doesn't stop BooBear from taking cat food any chance he gets. I've been spoiled by dogs who didn't get up on the cat's table but I always had to keep it off the floor to let them get their share before some hungry hound would gobble it up. Why do dogs always prefer cat food? And sometimes vice versa too?

So that's Boo's latest trick. Stealing cat chow when my back is turned, he jumps up on their dinner table and helps himself to leftovers and I've even caught him there chowing down alongside his best friend, Bil. LOL

Now, Bilbo's (the kitten) in the dogfood bowl, whipping out one bite-sized bit at a time, tossing it around some (looks like a squirrel holding one tiny kibble in his paws), and having himself a little pre-siesta snack. By the time I'm writing this, he's in the basket grooming himself after his great accomplishment, teaching Boomerpup to share.

Tit for tat. Oh those furry kids.

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