Monday, January 8, 2007

As Promised

Some Pet Blogs I've made recently...

Best Friends is a Yahoo website that introduces BooBoo, my newest. And Mr. Baggins makes me smile just thinking of him. Bilbo's something alright, just like all kittens are. But he's the first boy kitten I've ever had, so it's a whole new experience. Just like Boo, the first puppy I've had under one year, so I'm totally delighted with him also.

Someone might think that the oldest two, Misty and Babycats are being neglected, but that's not true. They are as much loved as ever and fill my heart with more joy than I sometimes think it can contain. With pet training tips, I've set up the power structure in the household with the whimsome Misty, the oldest, as the Queen, Baby, middle child, Rules (when Misty's not around), Mr. Baggins is the Lion King (in training) and Senor Puddle Pup, the dancing BooBooBear, has a snuggle heart that can't be beat. Except that Bil's esp knows when a little competition does everyone some good---me being the recipient of all the attention suits me just fine. It's just a little ego nudge, kinda like writing it all down on a blog?

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