Saturday, January 27, 2007

when we were kids

Our nice white powdery snow is turning hard packing now. Meltdown is starting, but that will freeze up into some mighty icicles probably. The snow is kind of crunchy now and that was always fun playing in when we were kids.

circa 57'58ish?

The Bookish One.

I was thinking about it and I could use some more bookshelves around here too, but in the meantime I just stack them up on footstools and under lamps, anywhere there's a hole. Actually I have a lovely secretary that has 3 shelfs empty because no one has ever secured the top to the base and the hardware (handle) is missing to open the thing (dang packers took it off and I haven't seen it in fifteen years!). So opening it is precarious, it's tipped over before and until I have it bolted down I won't put anything in there but some old VCR tapes on the bottom shelf

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