Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kickin' It!

I just added Brian in Jeollanam-do to the Korean Blogger List.
He's a part time journalist who has an interesting case going. American beef protests. Huh? I'm eating beef from America maybe once, twice a week! You say I'm gonna die? hmmpf Anyhow I found his blog on a message board and they all have some very interesting things to say about the political landscape there. Wario's a poli-sci major, he's gonna love it! (me too).

What I found interesting about living overseas was that you really can just get along paying absolutely no attention at all to local, national, or world news. But young people have an exuberant energy that sometimes means filling time with the things they love. The Journalistic-politics bug is what I think Brian has. Good for him, he's a kindred soul. And since he's an American (who is suppose to believe in Free Speech and Freedom of the Press), writing part time should be a natural for an english teacher. It shows in his zeal for his subjects, and their zeal for him...

(I wonder if the Koreans quite thought that thru when they started these english programs? I'm sure after 50 years of military there, they knew more multiculturalisms would follow.)

Back to my young english teacher: Wario's still in Brooklyn and hasn't come home yet. He called around 2pm and I yelled at him that they'll be stuck in traffic, every construction zone will be a bottle-neck on a holiday weekend. So he called back a few hours later and said they're staying another night. He got the visa yesterday and could have came home then. But Johnboy's cousin got paid today and is taking them out tonight on his dime. I guess if you're having a last fling, might as well fling it all the way? Beats drinking in the woods, and amazingly they're both legal.

Meanwhile his teenage cousin, Kissa, who he borrowed a cell phone from (to stay in touch) is spitting mad. It was only supposed to be one day, I'm glad I'm not in that house, she's probably going ballistic with withdrawal symptons--she's already a hellcat on pms. And it's so peaceful here, I can hear the bubbles in the fish bowl and some whistles of fireworks starting the the afternoon dusk. Once in a while a car goes up or down the road, but I'm used to that noise by now and hardly ever even hear it. They started out with whistlers, then crackers, now they're into the boomers. Mimi went outside to investigate, everyone else is staying calm, it's up over the hill. But I suppose they'll go on for the next few days. People putting money up in smoke. No wonder the Chinese have all our money.

Here's how I picture my boys in Brooklyn, carrying on . The source where I found this video says...

"'s brilliant on many levels."
1. The sunscreen masks they wear on their heads - ajumma shades.
2. "Kimchi, kimchi, it is good for you and me."
3. The Conglish: "Drinking Cassuh, drinking Hite-uh, feeling all right-uh, all night-uh."
4. Fruit-loop balls!

ymmm.... frootloop ballz

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