Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top in the World

Wario's in a medium-size hagwon, I believe. He's going between two different locations and lives about in the middle. Says the view is awesome from his 21st floor. I'd be getting elevator sickness, that's for sure.

He says the education system there is excellent. I'm still foggy on what a hagwon is, but I think it's an after school program that people pay to send their kids to after regular school lets out. Adults can also sign up for classes, it's a big business there. He's teaching 1st grade to Middle school. So these kids still go to regular public school where they also take English classes, AND attend extra classes in the evening. I've heard this described as babysitting, study halls. He says there are 8th graders doing calculus. Or are they catching up on ps homework?

Anyhow, I'm pretty proud of him. Taking on education as a career. Following in Uncle Johnny and Mary Lu's footsteps. Who knew? He did an internship with his University President last year that took him to Washington, D. C. to a conference and to lobby Congress for education.

Seton Hill '08
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