Sunday, July 6, 2008

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

That's a Kidsong we loved when he was four. It's the Air Force song (for his cousin Greg who'll be off to England in a couple weeks).

Just to let you know, he left this morning, off to Philadelphia, then LA, then Incheon. That part went smooth. But it was sad to know I won't see him for at least another year, maybe longer. Time to get my own life, I suppose.

The second part will be collecting his baggage and switching to the puddle jumper that will take him to Busan. It's a short layover in Incheon (unless they get in early), only an hour and a half, and late in the evening there so it could be the last flight out that night--tomorrow here, today there. Gah, these time zones are so confusing. I wonder if he'll have to clear customs there also? Finding his bags to check into another airline, then customs, could be a crunch.

But I'm very happy too. Choosing to be a teacher as his first career is an excellent move imho. He's going to learn ALOT! I know he's looking forward to the professional challenge, however untrained he is for it.

Aside from the phrase book, pocket travel guide, and some lax mags, the only book he took is a college text from one of his classes: Awakening: An Introduction to the History of Eastern Thought


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