Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Social Harmony in the Land of the Morning Calm

Some of you may have noticed my recent interest in things Asian lately. This is because next week sometime the spawn of Kiko, aka Wario, aka the T-rev, will be off to the Land of the Morning Calm.

It's been a whirlwind month as he researched jobs, found recruiters, organized documents, found a job and now he has a visa issuance number from Korean Immigration sponsored by his employer and is ready to schedule a face-to-face interview at the Korean Embassy. whew... Talk about jumping thru hoops and red tape.

Wario's going to love this place... He was nurtured with a sense of adventure, love for travel, and he really is a kind soul. He's gonna love it.

"Through knowledge, perspective and companionship we better ourselves and gain a greater appreciation for what we have."

Interesting Facts
recruit.com>Did you know?tab

  • Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. In fact, many westerners attest to feeling safer walking around here than in their own countries.
  • English has almost reached second language status which makes everyday life much less complicated and allows ex-pats to function with little or no Korean.
  • Korea spends $15 billion (usd) on English education every year, roughly three times that of Japan.
  • The KTX, which is a high speed train or “bullet train”, will get you to wherever you are going quickly and affordably. You are usually no more than 3 hours from any destination in the country.
  • All of the seven major Korean cities boast a strong and effervescent foreign community.
  • Korea is the most “wired” country in the world.
  • There are nearly 500,000 foreign nationals living in Korea.
  • After only a few months most westerners can read Hangul, which is Korea’s official language.
What types of people are inclined to go on such an adventure?

What makes an ESL teacher?
3rd tab on top in blue

You’re someone that has the courage to travel hundreds of kilometers from home to start, what may be, you first teaching job ever!

You’re curious and excited about new opportunities.

Someone that is motivated to grow and learn through doing. (this is how you get karma)

Lack the complacence to settle for the status quo and desire the chance to explore. yeehaw!

You’re affable and kind spirited. yup

You have an open mind towards new people, cultures, languages and experiences. the best :)

You enjoy a challenge, whether you find it in the classroom or attempting to buy groceries. (And remember, you don’t speak the language!)

All of these traits combine to make the people and communities we live in. They are what bring out the most in our experiences abroad and compel us to pursue the road less taken, but ultimately more rewarding. Through knowledge, perspective and companionship we better ourselves and gain a greater appreciation for what we have.

Land of the Morning Calm.
I love it.
What an exciting journey
Cherish these moments
treasures from afar.

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